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Womens Health Specialist

North Dallas Primary Care Doctors

Board-Certified Primary Care Physicians & Pediatricians located in Frisco, TX

Busy women are often challenged to find time to take care of their overall health. Fortunately, North Dallas Primary Care Doctors can streamline the process for you, blending primary care with the women’s health treatment you need. Suchitra Kamineni, MD, offers women’s health services from her Frisco, Texas, office. To learn more, call North Dallas Primary Care Doctors or use the online scheduler to book your appointment.

Womens Health Q & A

Is women’s health different from men’s?

As a woman, you know there are certain health measures — like a Pap smear — that are unique to your sex. But reproductive health isn’t the only area where your body’s needs differ from men’s. 

Through years of experience, Dr. Kamineni has seen how women are more likely to be affected by certain conditions and how they respond differently to certain medications. 

She knows to watch for certain autoimmune diseases and for conditions like osteoporosis that are only slight concerns for her male patients. 

Because women’s health is unique unto itself, Dr. Kamineni and the team at North Dallas Primary Care Doctors offer dedicated women’s health services. 

This way, her busy patients can get the comprehensive, dedicated care they need from the comfort and convenience of their primary care provider’s office. 

What kind of women’s health services are available?

North Dallas Primary Care Doctors offers a broad range of women’s health services, including:

  • Annual well woman exams
  • Pap smears
  • Family planning counseling
  • Birth control
  • Post-menopausal osteoporosis screening

If you’re diagnosed with osteoporosis, Dr. Kamineni also offers treatment, including calcium supplementation and medication. 

She and her team also offer easy access to mammograms and bone density testing. The goal of all of these health services is to deliver proactive preventive care. 

Screening for potential health concerns on a regular basis enables Dr. Kamineni to catch them early. That way, she can deliver treatment when it’s most likely to be effective and least likely to diminish your quality of life. 

Will I still need to go to a gynecologist?

While many women choose to keep a dedicated gynecologist on file, Dr. Kamineni can replicate the annual checkup from your gynecologist in her office. 

That means you don’t need to worry about the hassle of getting a yearly physical with your primary care provider, then making an appointment at your gynecologist for your yearly well woman exam. 

Dr. Kamineni combines both processes into one so you can take measures to protect your health while preserving more of your precious free time. 

If you want to learn more about the women’s health services available at North Dallas Primary Care Doctors, call the practice or schedule your appointment online today.